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Eye and head pins
Pivots = nails, needles ... for jewellery

how to use jewellery pins how to use jewelry pins

The blister pack of all pivots refers to the number of pins ...

  • JW1628-601 and JW8260-09 are the exception proving the rule: the blister per 20 grammes includes respectively not less than 92 head pins and 94-105 eye pins.

Wire length and thickness

  • Wire thickness for ref. No. RH21-063, RH21-112, RH21-062 is 0,8 mm;
  • 0,7 mm in diameter for the following items: JW1628-601 and JW8260-09, Marianne Hobby MH8400-97 + -96, Rayher Hobbykunst RH21-042,
  • 0,7 mm for MH8400-98.

Colour palette is .... uniform in gold galvanization among the pins by different creative studios, variegated in the metallic galvanic finishing among silver (+ light) and platinum.

Pins are made of strong and modelling wire, these very useful metallic accessories may have two different shape:

  • with eye: there's a ring end. They are used for jewels with chains of pins hooked the one to the other ( hobby ideas of catalogue, Tramonto necklace - quick and easy necklaces - 1, Leonor necklace) or to create pendants (free projects, the Mexican sun);
  • to T: they end with a flat head that stop the first inserted bead. It's the necessary metallic finding to make necklace charms, earrings (Rosa dei venti, do-it-yourself earrings - 2), in woven-ring making (Resplandeciente, woven rings - 1) and bracelets (Beatriz, hobby ideas of online catalogue). At the fastening of a multistring jewels it might be the link of each thread end to be passed through a decorative cap.

How to model an end ring with elegance and reliability?! ... Round-nosed pliers are used.

  • Weaving effect for the eye pins of Bonbon ring (hobby ideas of online catalogue) delicate pirouette of the pin in Leticia choker (catalogue, free projects)
  • the ladybird pendant structure of the heart-shaped organdis bag is ...

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Pins for bijoux 60 mm PRICE
JW1628-601 head pins
pk. 20 gr:
4,80 EUR
head pin in platinum, eye pins in platinum and gold
Jewellery eye-pins 50 mm PRICE
JW8260-09 eye pins
pk. 20 gr:
4,80 EUR
MH8400-98 eye pins
pk. 144 pcs.
5,80 EUR
pins with hook Gutermann color palette

Eye pins 50 mm PRICE
RH21-042 + colour
-06 gold
pk. 50 pcs.
2,37 EUR
50 mm pins for beads with ring in platinum
Rayher gold eye pins

Eye pins 35 mm PRICE
RH21-062 -21 platinum
-06 gold
pk. 50 pcs.:
2,11 EUR
35 mm needles with ring hobby idea:

Head pins 35 mm PRICE
MH8400-97 platinum pk. 144 pcs.
4,32 EUR
MH8400-96 gold
35 and 40 mm head pins hobby idea:
Head pins 40 mm PRICE
RH21-112 -21 platinum
-06 gold
pk. 50 pcs.
2,40 EUR
Head pins 25 mm PRICE
RH21-063 -21 platinum
-06 gold
pk. 50 pcs.
2,00 EUR

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