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The choker jewel clasp ...

The choker precious texture evokes antique laces, the pendant is a play of differences among soft lines and the austere design of the ornament to the Venetian style glass bead with spot decoration.

I-II. Starting point and also arrival one is the clasp MN7972-0. In order to decorate the micropierced botton bring wire through the central bead many's the time (6-7) and place MH8130-921 round- and flat beads according to riccio technique.

  • After having hooked the micropierced button on the stud, insert a 70 cm wire, diameter 0,30mm lilac colour, through MH8130-721 drop bead.
    • Decorate both end wire with 3 rocailles ref. No. MH813 , in cream-green colour No. 320, then join them in a round and flat bead and in 2 rocailles. Lace wires at the bottom of a bead and go back with separate end wire and 11 rocailles.
    • Directional changes? Yes, certainly inside the central drop before returning toward the clasp with a mix of faceted olives and 4 mm Rayher bicones in crystal colour. Pendant is completed once you have inserted two drops between last sparkling wave and the previous one.

III. The harmonious choker texture is made by 2 different steps ...
Cross technique inspires the central theme: sealed nylon coated stainless wire at the clasp, weave olives, bicones and rocailles to get 11 simple rings + 2 with wire change inside the pastille, + 2 with twisted bugles. The structure centre is the ring with 2 olives and 6 rocailles : reach the clasp by repeating the going row.

IV. Pass a new wire through the olive of first ring and embroider the central weaving with the aforesaid beads and also Marianne hobby 4 mm AB green crystals-and-faceted-beads


choker amanda

Enlarged photo available ...

Step by step ....

2 steps for the ornament
to the jewel clasp

the centre of the choker structure ...

the embroidery of the central weaving

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