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do-it-yourself hobby beads: projects, patterns and instructions for making other beaded flowers and bonsai trees plants
beaded flowers - mimosa for brooches, favours and boxes of sweets
pattern for do-it-yourself hobby - mimosa for jewellery brooches, bonbonnieres, beaded flowers
do-it-yourself hobby and beaded embroidery - mimosa technique for jewellery and flowers with glass rocailles beads
Invitation to spring, flowers compositions of beads: mimosa - forsythia
Mimosa technique for making a double loop: how to create mimosa beaded bouquet ... Variations on a theme?! with glass rocailles beads in pink and red color for peach and cherry blossom.

do-it-yourself ideas

New arrival of seed beads in yellow?! It's conteria Ref. No. 07 daisy yellow of crystal glass with color lining
--- color lined conteria glass rocailles beads
do-it-yourself glass rocailles beads: to create bindweed
Romantic atmosphere for yellow color: mimosa making with beads for decorating beaded brooches and pins, bonbonnieres and why not for beaded creations with bindweed?!

Seed beads in
yellow ... a lively
color that evokes
the light of wisdom

do-it-yourself hobby: how to create beads flowers - mimosa and beaded animals, butterfly with crystal beads
how to create with do-it-yourself hobby beads - bonsai plants: forsythia
click on ...
beads & forsythia
the project ...
forsythia bonsai

All that is necessary for mimosa bouquet making ...
special-beads vanilla 830, MH811-iridescent-beads yellow 550, shiny-opaque-beads yellow 630 and green 530 - 540 - 480, silver-lined-beads green 490, 0,30-mm-brass-wire and 0,35-mm-platinum-wire, MH551-07 straw hat Ø 28 cm (unit price: 3,00 EUR).

pattern and
loops with 8-16
beads for 1st
loop and then a
crossed loop of
beads. Collect
flowers on
support bars
with stemtex
plants with beads - double loop technique patterns
plants with beads - how to create mimosa twig
mimosa made by simple loop technique
Flowers with beads: mimosa
& brooches

Make a twig of
simple loops,
5 - 5 - 7 - 6 - 6,
fold up it half.
Flowers are
obtained by
spinning and
rolling up it
mimosa brooches for bonbonnieres

Beads and beaded animals making - caballito del diablo ... beaded butterfly in sapphire blue - Making the center with the pattern of technique-of-strass-cross-project, add a 0,40 mm wire in the metal weaving of strass crystals, insert a twister spiral per 1 mm, 4 cm in length, obtained by 0,50 mm wire, fasten the buttonhole, thread 5 - 6 cm of beads for decorating the wings. From the top side of the wing come back towards the starting with linear run. Repeat the same pattern for the second wing and to complete the right side of the dragonfly. Change direction to the threads toward the left side and make the two lacking wings. Hook an oval ring to complete the pendant.

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