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C'est l'émotion créative: Mon trésor!

crystal flower in news jewel-case of beads, rocailles and jewellery

The project of the ring with Swarovski crystals

Make a two-lined rectangle weaving Swarovski crystals per 4 mm by 0,25 mm

jewellery nylon thread

A support?

The instruction card for the Cross of faceted beads, in that case of Mon trésor replace Swarovski crystal bicone to 4 mm faceted beads

On the first line of basic rings make a further decorative step being equivalent to the Swarovski ornament of Rico ring

projects - jewellery instructions


Nicole has replaced the crystal flower No. 1120 to the central bead of wire direction exchange, using, for his anchorage, a little crimp bead

More thrilling effects, if in the return row of the second rectangle line, the decorative step with Swarovski crystal flower avoids additional threading of 4 mm bicones

Therefore go back through basic structure beads ..

of starting rectangle to be able to insert a 6 mm Swarovski flower

Fasten the decorative rectangle onto finger ring and complete the jewel by 2 weaving rings of 4 mm Swarovski bicones each side ...

catalogue of beads, rocailles and crystals for on-line sale

Beads of crystal Swarovski for jewellery and bomboniere
Charms, trinkets and pendants

catalogue news for buying of Swarovski crystals, do-it-yourself charms beads

The price refers to the box of Swarovski crystals, each blister pack contains the quantity of beads and charms listed near each item code and introduces the label ...

marianne hobby High quality Swarovski Crystal or Create your style with Swarovski

for Marianne Hobby jewellery accessories Ref. No. MH8117 ... other catalogues: click on:

Rayher beads Swarovski + the description of the bead

for Rayher shaped-bead fantasy Ref. No. RH14-23 ... more and more items

Swarovski stones, characteristics of heart and Cross-shaped charms

  • Swarovski crystal in foiled peridot-green and foiled light-rose for heart charms, AB (aurora borealis) Swarovski crystal in the Cross
  • Swarovski charms supports in the shape of foiled crystal hearts and AB crystal Crosses are silver-plated metal, being suitable for the making of do-it-yourself quick-and-easy bijoux and bomboniere

In welded ring waxed cords up to 1 mm pass directly, by a 2 mm cotton lace it is necessary the use of ring-findings onto charm holder

idea for necklaces making of Swarovski charms bead shop

Hobby ideas - Star charms

The choker of necklace-bases meets the constellation of Star charms on the road of Swarovski charms ...

Crystal beads & aurora borealis Swarovski crystals ...

Sparkling, with the unpublished light being inimitable characteristic of Swarovski making, the collection of pendants and shaped bead fantasy includes exclusive beads suitable for every creative demand ...

A different brightness between the pendants and the shaped bead collection in crystal colour?

  1. crystal bicone Swarovski Marianne hobby MH8117 are crystal pendants, not iridescent, with the same brightness of Swarovski bicones per 4 and 6 mm in crystal nuance No. 01.
  2. AB crystal bicone  The iridescent reflexes of fantasy collection are the same of 4 and 6 mm bicones in crystal No. 120 (aurora borealis).

FAQ, Frequently asked questions - accessories for Swarovski ...

Swarovski heart for making with crystal bicone

beads necklace making - Swarovski heart

Rings for do-it-yourself Swarovski jewellery

do-it-yourself ring idea, Swarovski crystal beads

Swarovski stars and crystals for beaded jewels making

Swarovski star - beaded project for charms

Other pendants to match with Swarovski charms for jewellery and bomboniere making

- jewellery enamelled charms with strass

8-8,8 mm Swarovski heart BOX PRICE
MH8117-37159 2 x peridot-green hearts 5,30 EUR
MH8117-37149 2 x light-rose hearts 5,30 EUR
Swarovski Marianne hobby bead shop, heart charms, AB crystal Cross
new ideas of charms for bomboniere
Swarovski Cross, AB crystal, 11,2 x 15,1 mm BOX PRICE
MH8117-40102 3 AB crystal Crosses 3,80 EUR

MH8117-0 Charms
- star Ø 20 mm
per 2 stars:
Swarovski + colour 11,00 EUR
Swarovski charms - stars, catalogue of crystal beads for pendants
-6128 Swarovski aquamarine  -6161 rose
-6104 Swarovski jet black

MH8117-2228 Charms
- heart aquamarine
per 4 hearts:
Swarovski 14,4 x 14 mm 5,50 EUR
charms Swarovski - heart and drop, on-line sale catalogue for crystal beads marianne hobby logo
colour = bicone -28 aquamarine
MH8117-2128 Charms
- heart aquamarine
per 8 hearts:
Swarovski 10,3 x 10 mm 5,10 EUR
MH8117-1128 Charms
- drop aquamarine
per 6 drops:
Swarovski 11 x 5,5 mm 4,60 EUR

MH8117-2201 Charms
- heart crystal
per 4 hearts
Swarovski 14,4 x 14 mm 4,40 EUR
do-it-yourself bead shop of Swarovski pendants - crystal heart marianne hobby logo
colour =
bicone -01
MH8117-2101 Charms
- heart crystal
per 8 hearts
Swarovski 10,3 x 10 mm 4,10 EUR

MH8117-1201 Charms
- crystal drop
per 2 drops
Swarovski 22 x 11 mm 5,30 EUR
crystal bead shop for do-it-yourself making with Swarovski pendants - crystal drops marianne hobby logo
colour =
bicone -01
MH8117-1101 Charms
- crystal drop
per 6 drops
Swarovski 11 x 5,5 mm 4,00 EUR

RH14-23 Fantasy
Swarovski aurora borealis
+ bead item code 7,91 EUR

-0120 cube 4 mm Box per
Swarovski crystal cube 12 cubes
Swarovski - Rayher box
-2120 disk 6 mm Box per
Swarovski crystal disk 25 disks
Swarovski - Rayher box
-3120 faceted 4 mm Box per
Swarovski crystal faceted beads 20 beads
Swarovski - Rayher box
-4120 faceted 6 mm Box per
12 beads
-1120 flower 6 mm Box per
Swarovski crystal flower
click on this image
20 flowers
Swarovski - Rayher box

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