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Tips & tricks with

jewellery metal-chains for bijoux charms

2 mm mother-of-pearl Rayher glass beads

glass crystals, beads, accessories, components for do-it-yourself jewellery and half-crystal glass pendants for online sales

Half-crystal glass beads for do-it-yourself jewellery with conteria

glass dice beads kits, bijoux necklaces beads

flower glass cube beads, dice lamp beads

Marianne-hobby cubes-shaped glass beads for jewellery

Marianne hobby beads
are glass cubes per 6 mm in aurora-borealis (AB) iridescent fashion colors

A beads side has a mirror matt texture that sparkles the glass iridescence with special effects similar to do-it-yourself jewellery mix of bricolage dice-beads and square-beads in half-crystal glass.

Cube-shaped glass beads might be the exception that confirms the rule ....

  • The border of glass dice beads may be linear or with rounded borders as the perimeter of crayon-color and crystal dice. Sizes of glass dice beads may lightly decrease per 1 mm approximately.

how to make jewels necklaces with cubes-shaped glass beads for jewellery, do-it-yourself bijoux faceted beads

Rayher faceted olive beads

Rayher beads
Very good quality - price ratio for faceted olives, available in the basic colours of the mythical palette of half-crystal glass beads

4 - 6 mm iridescent glass faceted beads

Onyx tone is iridescent shining opaque half-crystal glass (AB glass beads = aurora borealis). And all other colours? Iridescent and bright ...

Where are half-crystal glass beads for do-it-yourself jewellery with conteria?!

.. among hearts made of 3-mm-faceted-beads and flowers with olives beads, necklaces with laces-effect glass beads weaving as choker Amanda and Felipe beads angels, glass flower rose with beads and rhinestone of charm bracelet and beaded bracelets as La pulsera de Verónica

  • in fashion trends flower new do-it-yourself jewellery techniques with bricolage supplies and components for jewels making characterized by lively look of glass beads and crystals new colors

Olives-shaped glass beads + riccio technique = pretty little flowers for do-it-yourself bijoux and why not decoration of a micropierced button (pendant, earring studs, rings, bracelets ... or thread-direction-exchange beads in Amanda jewellery choker beads necklace with jewel clasp

jewels earrings making with cubes-shaped glass beads for do-it-yourself jewellery, bijoux glass faceted beads

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3 x 3 mm waxed dice glass beads BOX PRICE
MC3395-33 30 haematite cube beads 2,70 EUR
do-it-yourself jewels glass beads, cubes for jewellery bijoux in haematite

AB glass jewellery-cubes BOX PRICE
+ color
dice beads
6 x 6 mm
5 cubes
3,20 EUR
bijoux cubes-shaped glass beads for jewellery in olivine, crystal, pink, do-it-yourself crystal jewels
-31 rose -61 olivine   -11 crystal

AB Faceted olive beads BOX PRICE
+ color
6 x 4 mm 50 beads
3,68 EUR
half-crystal glass faceted olive beads for do-it-yourself jewellery necklaces, bricolage jewels with glass beads
idea with glass beads -840 emerald beads
bricolage glass olive faceted beads for do-it-yourself beads angels making, jewellery bijoux jewels weaving
glass beads angel -830 sapphire beads
do-it-yourself glass faceted olive beads, bricolage jewellery with glass beads and metal ribbons for bijoux jewels
-815 ruby beads ribbon for glass beads

do-it-yourself faceted olive for jewellery jewels making with glass beads
-801 crystal beads
do-it-yourself techniques for jewellery necklaces with glass beads

do-it-yourself olive faceted beads in green bijoux glass faceted beads in rose quartz do-it-yourself olive beads in onyx-black glass
-835 jasper
green beads
-810 rose
quartz beads
-850 onyx
black beads

jewels olive beads, aquamarine glass -825 beads

-805 topaz
bijoux olive beads, topaz glass

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how to weave faceted olives, jewellery glass beads for do-it-yourself necklaces, jewels bijoux
bricolage example of bijoux necklace weaving, glass beads weaving for do-it-yourself jewellery with faceted olives
jewellery glass cubes-shaped beads, do-it-yourself making with faceted olive beads, jewels components for bijoux bricolage
jewellery glass beads with jewels crystals beads

From clasps to pendants of glass beads necklaces ... and why not central ornament of glass beads bracelets and belts?! Choker beads weavings evoke antique laces and grandmother jewellery, the pendant is a play of differences among soft lines of do-it-yourself jewellery jewels with glass beads and micro-beads and the austere design of bricolage ornaments to Venetian style glass beads