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Real precious stones
Rayher Atelier

Description of the articles....
For the signs of the zodiac like Gemini, Cancer and Leo, is peridot the stone that increases physics and spiritual vitality and performance.

It seems that it has the potentiality to strengthen the rationality of those born in the aforesaid astral periods.

Its color is bright and it shades off from the tones of the green with golden-yellow reflexes to the olive-green one.

Keep in mind that the pack of lentils, cubes and 4 mm round beads contains 4-5 grammes of peridot.

In both cases the quantity of the precious stones contained in the boxes corresponds to the visible one in the photographed box.

Practical suggestions....
The binary weave of the bracelet realized by Rayher Atelier looks well as a new technique thanks to the use of the lentil in peridot.

  1. At a 3-string clasp insert 1,20 metre of stahldraht ideally folded in two (add 5 rocailles necessary to cover its 3 small holes). Pick up 3 rocailles for each end of thread + 1 faceted bead for the left end. With the right one we cross again the last inserted faceted bead. With the technique of faceted bead cross create the basic structure of 22 small rings of beads. In other words we behave as if the basic structure was the long side of the cross. Reached the wished length, you close nylon coated wire with crimp beads in the other section of the clasp.
  2. The making of bracelet top side happens with nylon thread according to the floral technique of Rico project. Further details?! Ask Nicole for bridge bracelet in peridot!

Just the item No. RH17-029 is one of the favoured stones by Nicole in her trendy bijoux: it's also in the mixed beads of Mariposita bracelet.

Visual impact is excellent if approached to the ivory, crystal tonalities and to green shades: an example of the aforesaid combining of colours is Madras necklace ( Trendy bijoux gallery No. 3) .

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Thanks to
Rayher Atelier
for photos!

RH17-024 Peridot bead PRICE
per box:
6,83 EUR

box = 4

Ø 4 mm

RH17-034 Peridot cubes PRICE
per box:
6,83 EUR

box = 4

4 mm

RH17-029 Peridot lentils PRICE
per box:
6,83 EUR

box = 5

Ø 4 mm

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