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Real precious stones
Rayher Hobbykunst

Product features ....

Real precious stones are exactly packed in boxes as we have photographed them.

  • Therefore the quantity indicated beside every type of stone coincides with that displaying from the photos.

Practical advices ....

Garnet is the precious stone that symbolizes energy and constancy, recommended to the signs of the zodiac like Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius.

To all whom want internalize the energy and the power of precious stones wearing a jewel realized with them, we advise them to plan a simple model (as those of the Rayher Atelier's deco idea).

As the hole of these beads is not very ample, the weaving is a bit difficult with some types of threads.

  1. If you want to use nylon coated stainless steel wire , it isn't possible to go back twice into the stones.
  2. This's possible only using 0,30mm wire and 0,25 mm nylon beading thread.
  3. Inspiration sources in your creations could be Fiesta bracelet in the garnet variant and Fuerza Preciosa necklace.

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enlarged image
available .....
Thanks to ...

for photos!

RH17-020-00 Round bead PRICE
per box:
6,83 EUR

box = 6

Ø 4 mm

RH17-025-00 Garnet lentils PRICE
per box:
6,83 EUR

box = 6

Ø 4 mm

RH17-030-00 Garnet cubes PRICE
per box:
6,83 EUR

box = 6

4 mm

RH17-035-00 Garnet chips PRICE
per box:
4,15 EUR

box = 22

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