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metallic findings for on-line sale

Earrings base with clips, supports, clasps, bases with holed button
Nickel-free metallic finding for earrings

other earrings clasps ...

earrings bases, hooks, findings for charms

earring clasps pin, hooks for earrings

fish hooks, metal findings for earrings

Earrings with clips or pendant supports?

The earring might become a support for a small pendant, bonbon or gift idea. How to make it?

  • By pliers remove the clip from the metallic settlement and move down this last one to 45°.

Earrings + beaded animals?

Weave beads by wire for the making of butterflies, hearts and crosses.

  • After having finished the ornament, hook it by 0,25 mm nylon thread onto the 2-holed clip Ref. No. MH840-151. Quick and easy!

Very good quality - price ratio for nickel free stud with 4 metallic staples.

  • HB386-067 blister pack includes necessary metallic findings to make 2 earring pairs (4 studs with clips + 4 micropierced buttons).
  • JW523-425-3, JW523-418-2, MH840-161 are reference numbers of an earring pair inclusive of pierced button.

The single button could be used as a basic structure for a pendant.

Therefore we offer you the reference No. HB386-064 that is a blister pack of single buttons:

  • its holes are ample and allow us multiple thread crossings through them.

Rayher Hobbykunst: RH21-654-21 & RH21-129-21

  • Blister pack is a pair of earrings for each reference, whose differences are in sizes and in a little ring for a possible pendant.

The metallic plate hasn't staples, its texture is matt and suitable for sticking cabochon and stones.

Ideas for do-it-yourself jewellery?

Mambo is the handmade sparkling earring with Gutermann crystal beads

earrings with crystals and rhinestone

If the precious stone is the Rayher rose quartz lentil, the earring becomes ...

Porvenir Prometiente

handmade with beads - ear clip

Onix? Mix of onyx tones of metal beads, semiprecious stones ...

earrings base support - earrings collection - 2

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Ear studs with clips & pierced button

Kit per 2 earrings bases
+ 2 holed buttons Ø 25 mm
JW523-425-3 gold-plated 2,47 EUR
earrings bases with clips and holed button - gold-plated, platinum supports
earrings supports with clips, 4 staples
- micropierced buttons included
Kit per 2 earrings bases
+ 2 holed buttons Ø 18 mm
JW523-418-2 platinum 2,17 EUR

kit 2 clips + pierced buttons PRICE:
MH840-161 14 mm Ø 1,20 EUR
ear supports with clips Marianne

HB386-067 KIT of 19 mm
ear studs + buttons
pack per 4
clips + pierced button earrings:
3,90 EUR


pack per
HB386-064 Micro pierced
button - 19 mm Ø
10 pieces:
2,00 EUR

Bases for earrings with clips

kit 4 clips platinum PRICE:
MH840-141 15 mm Ø 1,90 EUR
kit 24 clips platinum  
MH840-14 15 mm Ø 10,80 EUR
marianne hobby earrings with clips Marianne

big pack
kit 2 clips gold-plated PRICE:
MH840-131 15 mm Ø 1,30 EUR

Clip for 2-holed earring

kit 4 clips - gold - 2 holes PRICE:
MH840-151 10 mm Ø 1,20 EUR
marianne hobby holed earring Marianne

Platinum ear studs with clips

Pack per 2 earrings PRICE:
RH21-129-21 19 mm Ø
without ring
2,52 EUR
RH21-654-21 12 mm Ø
with ring
2,09 EUR
Rayher finding for earrings Rayher

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