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accessories kits, clasp findings, base complements - components for jewellery bijoux - online sales

Clasp-kits accessories, terminal metallic findings, nickel free ends for jewellery with laces, cords, thongs, strings, chains & cobra-chain

how to use terminal cord ends with staples for leather cords - rubber thongs and cobra-chains

terminal findings for silver-plated cobra-chain clasp JW111-141 - terminal findings cord ends with staples are jewellery accessories for cobra-chains clasp

gold-plated cobra-chain ends, clasp example Cobra-chain clasp findings are very useful accessories characterized by small sizes (2 mm in width and 7 mm in height)

  • directions for use - suitable for jewellery threads, stretch, waxed cotton thongs and leather cords, cobra-chains up to 1,3 mm ...

bijoux accessories - findings: copper cord ends

suede-leather strings to fasten by terminal metallic findings

Pioneers in the deep renewal of do-it-yourself jewellery necklaces, charms bracelets, earrings are bijoux projects with chains being the meeting point among quick and easy ideas for beads jewels and great attention in details of more elaborate schemes for pearls jewels making with chains.

Space to the creativeness of long threads of pearls and beads being intercalated by chains for necklaces fastened with special terminal findings Ref. No. BJ111-337

How to use book-shaped terminal with staple

- 1 mm jewellery leather laces, 2 mm strings
- waxed cotton cords, ribbons, velour strings
- suede-leather strings, jewellery flat ribbons
- accessories: waxed cotton cords, linen threads

leather laces, colored waxed cords for jewellery terminal findings

Jewellery bijoux school

How to ... clasps + terminal

After having inserted string end into the terminal, close the clips by flat-nosed pliers and then hook it onto your favourite clasp

Even if, formally, Rayher and Marianne Hobby terminals are both 1,5 mm in diameter, we actually suggest ....

  • using Ref. No. RH21-652 for cords until 1,5 mm in diameter,
  • MH840-751 or 761 for strings from 1,5 to 2 mm in diameter.

To avoid possible remaining spaces in terminals, insert threads inside cord end folded up ....

leather strings to fasten by clasp kits inclusive of accessories, jewellery findings ends

Cord ends terminal ...

  • For leather thongs and waxed cords with a diameter until 2 mm ... waxed cord has been marked as example of cord-end use.

ribbons cylindrical terminal findings: the making of copper beads jewels with do-it-yourself supplies

Are you creatives at your first steps in the world of do-it-yourself jewels?

Do you need gift ideas for beadworkers?

Each clasp kit for bracelet or necklace includes:

  • 1 x trigger clasp per 11 mm
  • 2 x cord ends findings (2 mm in diameter)
  • 1 x 6 cm extension chain.

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Cord ends with staples BOX PRICE
JW111-141 + color selection 100 terminal
5,70 EUR
findings accessories - cobra-chain ends, use example of jewellery terminal
-2 gold-plated  -4 silver-plated  -1 platinum
cobra-chain clasp accessories, jewellery terminal findings: cord ends with staples
JW333-141 copper findings - cord ends

Terminal - 3 mm hole Ø BOX PRICE
BJ111-337 platinum
6 x 17 mm
12 terminal
3,50 EUR
jewellery terminal findings, necklaces strings to hook onto necklaces chains, charms bracelets
terminal for chains clasp, waxed cotton cords, threads, leather strings and thongs

Ends for 1,5 mm diameter rubber and cords BOX PRICE
MH840-75 144 gold-plated terminal 11,00 EUR
MH840-76 144 silver-plated terminal 11,00 EUR
clasp accessories, jewellery terminal findings: book-shaped ends
Marianne hobby findings
Terminal for 1,5 mm cords BOX PRICE
MH840-751 gold 8 terminal
1,24 EUR
MH840-761 silver
Marianne hobby accessories, ends, terminal findings for jewellery
ends for strings
waxed cotton thongs to fasten by jewellery terminal findings

Cord ends for thongs
size: 2,5 x 10 mm
FD6656-1 14 grammes platinum color 5,70 EUR
FD6656-4 14 grammes silver color 5,70 EUR
FD6656-2 14 grammes gold color 6,20 EUR
clasp accessories, terminal findings, jewellery ends: cord ends for thongs
14 grammes = about 78 cord ends

Cord ends for 2 mm cords BOX PRICE
MH8400-571 silver 4 cord ends
2,30 EUR
MH8400-561 gold
metallic findings ends: terminal cord ends for nylon, laces, cords Marianne hobby gold-plated terminal cord ends
suggested for nylon threads, cords, laces

Clasp kits = trigger +
cord ends + chain
MH8401-251 gold 2 clasp kits
4,80 EUR
MH8401-261 platinum
accessories: clasp kits in gold and platinum with jewellery terminal metallic findings

Rayher terminal for 1,5
mm Ø strings, cords
RH21-652-06 gold 4 terminal
2,05 EUR
RH21-652-21 silver
Rayher terminal accessories: jewellery ends for cords
book-shaped terminal
strings, cords of waxed cotton to fasten with jewellery ends

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terminal metallic findings, jewellery chains clasp, multistring accessories for cobra-chain
clasp-kits accessories - terminal metallic findings, jewellery chain sale by reels
clasp-kits accessories, metallic findings for laces - strings, jewellery ends for cobra-chain