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Collection of floral jewellery: section No. 1 (+ zoom?! Click on bijoux photos)

Christine brooch ... a pin?
A pendant with the refined serpentine chain?
The ornament for the bag or for the belt with strings of micro leather ...

  • A thrilling pattern for the leaf: where is the weaving start?
  • Tips & tricks! Further details: shopping list and project making ....

Basket model, a recurrent motive in brooch history, inspires Florecilla ... on the micro-pierced button according to riccio technique.

The unusual effect is due to the originality of used beads: 3-D pink flowers, 4 mm faceted for the woven soft leaf, baroque olive, the little hearts (shaped beads ref. No. 400 mix colour 997).

Flor brooch represents... the idea of a stylized flower budded by a sunburst pattern developed on three levels and interpreted in trendiest combination ... from plum to olive green! What's about the bead mix?

Floral weaving for Rico, the ring with harmonious contrast between Swarovski aquamarine and sapphire.

  • Step by step project ... and materials ... (4 mm faceted, blue rocailles, 0,35 wire in platinum and elastic.

The pendant of Daisy choker is hooked on the rigid structure for necklace decorated with shaped glass beads.

  • To get daisy, thread the beads of a same level according to a circle pattern and only in the 2nd step hook the floral circle on the button.

From pendant to... bracelet,, ring and why not brooches or earring clips? For Daisy ...

  • Nicole has chosen drops of glass and 4 mm faceted in topaz. Variations on theme? Replacing the drop with the Baroque olive.

Collier orchid and.... the Venetian technique of pole

  • 7 or 9 petals with a mix of special edition rocailles and faceted beads on 0,40 wire in copper.
  • The metallic stem of the petal passes through a spiral made by 3 mm twister .
  • The support of the necklace is 1 mm modelling wire in sky blue.

Dedicated to romantic and nostalgic creatives, Floreado .... in amber, emerald and olive green

  • It's about a play of pins, rings and two stahldraht running among 6 mm faceted, 6 mm crystal beads in green, half-crystal drop-beads , 3-D green flowers, mix shaped glass beads colour

Simple is "fiorellino verde", both to wear and to realize!

For this project you need rhinestone-crystals-for-bijoux , metallic support, 2 mm twister , 4 mm faceted and rocailles.

  • 3-D Varying?! You could replace the binary weaving with 2 step one of esplendido technique ...

Further details about the realization of the projects? Talk to Nicole of them!
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