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The idea of a
beaded sphere:
many variations
on theme in your
bijoux ...

click on ... Sunshine set of jewellery
rhombus wires
go through R +
Sw + R, sphere,
4 - 5R, R + Sw +
R. By 2 rings
add chain
and earring.
(R = rocailles
Sw = Swarovski)

The play of geometric contrasts in the earrings, a linear design for the ring ... according to 2-string weaving technique for rhombus and sphere.
1 = rhombus: binary weaving of faceted-bead cross.

2 = sphere:
3 rings of 6 mm
Swarovski + 1
bicone each wire
end and direction
change in first

Close up wires
and fasten them.

Finger ring & HOB200-02 ring band

The sphere is
hooked onto
the plate of
ring band. The
ornament of

faceted has been made with the same sphere wires, in alternation 3S on the left one and thread a bicone again, 3S on the right one ....

Instruction cards & Safari cocktail
click on ..
bijoux photos
The project?!
In Nicole 's
notebook ...

My first Safari

is the collection
of quick & easy
bijoux by Nicole
beginner in
"jewel world".
1) Jump ring 4) Loom weaving
2) Eye and head pins 5) Esplendido technique
3) 1-string clasp 6) The use of twister
Fabula ring: step by step ... Are you ready?
  1. Start by curling 1 mm modelling wire in platinum by round-nosed pliers .
  2. After 1st row, change position to pliers and complete the metallic curl twirling wire around starting metallic ring.
  3. Insert a wire end with initial metallic curl into the star with silver leaf and place further 2 modelling wire ends at the bead bottom.
  4. Weave 3 wires to create the ring structure. Wire braid length may vary from 4,5 to 6 cm.
  5. How to fasten wires? By further metallic curls !
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