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hobby ideas for do-it-yourself jewellery
The making of trendy charms and jewels - 1
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+ zoom ... how to make Swarovski star
photo, suggestion and instructions for Star charms

The rigid choker meets the constellation of Star charms on the road of Swarovski-charms: marvellous match of the aquamarine and light-green color palette with silver-glass pendants, chips and real precious-stone-peridot, Swarovski-crystals, a fantasy of metallic charms and glimmering components representing the firmament.

+ zoom - photo of pyramid-bead heart

Trend leitmotiv? Hearts and pendants: El corazón florido!

  • First long necklaces with important pendants have appeared, knot them to get chokers with adherent-to-the-neck effect or wear them soft in the variation of extra large size. Step by step project ...
Marianas - the cross with pyramid and flower beads

Marianas, la Cruz resplandeciente, is a cross with a head pin for the long side (6 mm faceted, 10 mm rondelle, flower tube, sphere of rhinestone, Swarovski sphere) and one for the short side.

The structure is completed with silver wire tubular ribbon spaced by spirals of modelling wire in platinum (decorated with twister, 4 mm faceted, Bali) and ...

the floral orthodox cross with faceted beads
  • head pins with 5,5 mm rondelles + beads for Rosary
  • Clasp joins to the ribbon by platinum metallic ends .

Variations on theme of style and colour for floral orthodox cross: from romantic to chic evergreen style ...

the beaded cross in rosequartz
the photo of beaded cross in amethyst

3 models of necklaces for a cross ...

  • In the amethyst version with a 2,20 mt stahldraht to knot more times to the neck, in those onyx and rose quartz with wire ribbon inserted into a special ribbon clasp.

Exquisito is a choker characterized by discreet and refined tone, messenger of light and colour. Having opted among the numerous possibilities of murrina

the photo of wire choker

medium heart for the multicolour version, we have chosen to match Swarovski and 4 mm faceted in the tones of amber, ruby, aquamarine, crystal, mink.

  • Pass bead mix through head pins and then hook them onto metallic crochet necklace
the foto of necklace with turquoise semiprecious stones

Do you see it? In the central ornament of Turquesa necklace, there's a filigree plate in silver: we have folded up it for the embroidery with semi-precious stones in turquoise, it's really fundamental for this model of necklace! Who are the other protagonists of the project?! Flower tube in crystal, stahldraht, crystal rocailles and clasp.

the belt with beaded butterfly

Mariposa-2 belt is made with ...

  • 4 mm Marianne Hobby faceted in garnet, amber and pink, spirals of rocailles, pearly beads, stahldraht, brass wire (0,60 and 0,30 mm), triggers and chains for fastening.
Violado necklace in amethyst

Violado is a simple multistring necklace made thanks to 5-string clasp onto which 5 ends of stahldraht have been fastened after having passed them through your favourite bead mix.

Doubts on project making? Talk to Nicole about them ...
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