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In Nicole's garden of beaded flowers find: beaded flower making, bomboniere violet composition, red roses (click on ... all image miniatures)

Flowers for parties, important circumstances ... A gift idea?
... A surprise.

  • How to learn in few simple steps the making of the shining call of nature?
  • Shopping list & project

The composition of violets ... my favourite flowers and colours!

  • A violet bouquet might be the precious thought for a friend, a bonbonnière idea, the decoration of wedding banquet table and why not memory album?! .... to be continued

... There's a new perfume in the air ... What a nice surprise! It's blooming the geranium and I see small dewy drops on beaded petals in fire red. I approach a leaf twig .. Who are these new friends?

Red and burgundy roses of MH810 silver lined rocailles have just budded. I have chopped off them to make a floral surprise to the Staff girls.

  • Besides the glass rocailles you need support bars , stemtex, 0,60 and 0,40 mm brass wire. Starting points? In rose bouquet project

Nicole's recipes ....

  • little rose (8 petals x 2 cm pivot and 3 rows + 5 petals x 2 cm pivot and 4 rows), big rose (4 petals x 2 cm pivot and 3 rows + 4 petals x 2 cm pivot and 4 rows + 5 petals x 3 cm pivot and 3 rows), mini rose (8 petals x 1,3 cm pivot and 3 rows + 5 petals x 2 cm pivot and 4 rows).

To purchase an item that hasn't a corresponding link to a page of catalogue yet:

  • glass vase, marbles, cords .. ask Tiger Team for an estimate.
  • Doubts about project making? Ask Nicole!
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