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If the colour
palette shades
off from lilac &
amethyst into ...

The pin is the
reveals the
mystery of the
project. From
the clasp
alternate steps
of going there
and back for
bracelet making

powder colour, Verónica bracelet lives the contrast between the linear design of metallic beads and the lightness of scaramazza glass beads for jewellery in the atmosphere, almost rarefied and timeless, of 4 mm Rayher-beads or Marianne Hobby (MH842 = S) faceted and 4 mm crystal beads (C).

the pattern:

I)2 pins for each
square plate
with metal
II) 7 rocailles (R)
onto a 140 cm
Go outside the
perforated bar
in the direction
of the 1st pin
III) After 7
square beads
begin the back
row. IV) A new
0,30 mm wire
(80 cm each
side) for the
wavy ornament
Going: 3R + C
+ S + C + 3R
Back: 4R + S
+ 4R *** into
2R (going)
+ C *** into 2R
to reenter=***
Catalogue, MH8127 square and cask bead
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